Visiting to Luxun Native Place

During National Holiday, On Oct. 1, 2017, most of our staff go to Shaoxing include Luxun Native Place and Keyan Scenic Spots.










16 OPZS Cell Boxes are Ready to Deliver

After  7 days productions,  one 40 HQ container of  OPZS Battery Containers have been finished.

Today we have loaded into container  and deliver before busy May 01 which have long holiday

in China,there are a lot of goods need to export before holiday. Then we try our best to finish the

production earlier.

battery container loading

opzs shipments

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New Client Visit US for Battery Containers

New Client, which have an office in China, mainly manufacture relative lead acid battery equipment. Now they want to create a factory to made OPZV and 12v lead acid battery.

Clients Study Battery Boxes

10:00 am reach factory from Manhattan Hotel, three people go to meeting room to discuss. Talked about the details then go to show-room, they take photos always. Look around this and that battery container and each details.

Finally they decided first place a sample order then regular order.