Good Quality Bigger Order Coming

Regular orders because good quality

The clients every year purchase same battery containers, same quantity, they have good market share in their country.

We have closed some times for this business, and we trust we will together for ever!


Rohs Test Machine XRF Spectrometer Arriving

New Test Machine XRF Spectrometer in the laboratory now.

We own this inspect machine, we can inspect our materials ABS, FR ABS or AS, PP etc, ten minutes later, we can learn if the materials can meet the demands of ROHS, and how many Cd, Pb, Hg, CrVL and PBBs.

Little time and little cost and immediate inspect.

By the way, this XRF Spectrometer can tell us if your necklace or ring is true or not. you can have a try, free charge. XRF Spectrometer

16 OPZS Cell Boxes are Ready to Deliver

After  7 days productions,  one 40 HQ container of  OPZS Battery Containers have been finished.

Today we have loaded into container  and deliver before busy May 01 which have long holiday

in China,there are a lot of goods need to export before holiday. Then we try our best to finish the

production earlier.

battery container loading

opzs shipments

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