Some question to answer for triple toothbrushes

1. 3 type toothbrush bristle to choose

Hard, medium and soft bristles available, you also can dip into warm water for minutes if you feel it is hard;

2.The gap between bristles is flexible

The teeth have thin and thick then need the tight gap so that can brush three sides of your teeth, or only brush one side or 2 sides at the same time. We suggest that when brushing teeth you should start from the front thin teeth then others;

3. Maybe some people, the teeth will bleed, this is because you use our triple toothbrush, it reach the place never reach before. So please keep to use it for 3 days, all thing will be ok and you can feel your mouth is very fresh.

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The advantages of 3-sided tooth brushes

The advantages of 3-sided tooth brushes as follows:

1. Advanced 3 sided tooth brushes bristle design and patent design

Superior cleaning, surrounding your teeth and brushes all three sides of the tooth and gum line at same time. It thoroughly cleans every tooth and save your time.

2. Automatic and professional 45 degree angle to the gum line

More effective to clean plaque at gum line with 45 degre angle between bristle and the face of tooth.

3. Softer Ultralon bristles material

With softer material, bristle will be safer, kinder and more effective to clean teeth and gum without damage.

4. Make out bristle with once-forming injection technique

With once-forming injection technique, there are no places for fungi and bacteria to hide.

5. The design of tongue scraper

The scraper can clean the tongue after brushing your teeth.

6. More effective plaque remval

With 3000 forth and back brushing movements per minute, 3 sides electrical toothbrush more effectively removes persistent plaque.

7. special usage:make as massager

also can be used as a massager when replace another head

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3 sided toothbrush

Best way to cure your gum disease with 3-sided toothbrush!

with three out of four people in the world are suffering or have been suffered from some type of gum disease, often, the treatments are highly complicated and needs a lot money and time. To solve this question brushing your teeth with 3 sided tooth brushes is the best way.(manual tooth brush, battery tooth brush and rechargeable tooth brush)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all customers!

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2010 to You!

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What you will do when the customer of your customer want an offer?

What you will do when the customer of your customer want an offer?

Today, the client of our partners from Spain email to us: please give us your best offer for your 3 sided toothbrush. I know from his details underneath that they have imported our 3-sided electrical toothbrush.

I check my file. Yes, it is true. There are their logo, site and requirement for triple toothbrush.

I was stunned by this email. I wonder what you will do if you are me?

Tell him the truth? Or give him competitive price?