Successful in details about business

It is very cold in the earlier morning in winter.

The office is not far 30 minutes by bus. I find many people in front of Inn from outside of bus window.

I have no breakfast then I come into this special inn.

I don’t find any special from others: same table, same meat or vegetable bun, warm soybean milk and rice gruel. You can take yourself for rice gruel, soybean milk or mustard tuber as per your needs, maybe this is little different.

I take a bowl of rice gruel, three meat buns and a dish of tuber and sit down to table. I found a piece of garlic on the every table. Garlic is very important to prevent Swine flu. Yeah, this is the specials. I found all are different include milk, gruel, tuber and all is very special.

I will remember this inn and tell my friends.


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