The advantages of 3-sided tooth brushes

The advantages of 3-sided tooth brushes as follows:

1. Advanced 3 sided tooth brushes bristle design and patent design

Superior cleaning, surrounding your teeth and brushes all three sides of the tooth and gum line at same time. It thoroughly cleans every tooth and save your time.

2. Automatic and professional 45 degree angle to the gum line

More effective to clean plaque at gum line with 45 degre angle between bristle and the face of tooth.

3. Softer Ultralon bristles material

With softer material, bristle will be safer, kinder and more effective to clean teeth and gum without damage.

4. Make out bristle with once-forming injection technique

With once-forming injection technique, there are no places for fungi and bacteria to hide.

5. The design of tongue scraper

The scraper can clean the tongue after brushing your teeth.

6. More effective plaque remval

With 3000 forth and back brushing movements per minute, 3 sides electrical toothbrush more effectively removes persistent plaque.

7. special usage:make as massager

also can be used as a massager when replace another head

Contact: Tom Fong   MSN: MP: 0159 6808 2575


3 sided toothbrush



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