Some question to answer for triple toothbrushes

1. 3 type toothbrush bristle to choose

Hard, medium and soft bristles available, you also can dip into warm water for minutes if you feel it is hard;

2.The gap between bristles is flexible

The teeth have thin and thick then need the tight gap so that can brush three sides of your teeth, or only brush one side or 2 sides at the same time. We suggest that when brushing teeth you should start from the front thin teeth then others;

3. Maybe some people, the teeth will bleed, this is because you use our triple toothbrush, it reach the place never reach before. So please keep to use it for 3 days, all thing will be ok and you can feel your mouth is very fresh.

Thanks for you to choose our 3 sided toothbrush and any advice to please contact us or skype: maidigg or QQ: 474 880 910 or MP: 86+159 6808 2575


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