Little girl from Iran very like our Body Trainer

The phase I is over, there are more foreigner than before. We have good results and meet a lot more business people from the world.

In this canton fair, for me heavy impression is: one cute girl from Iran who is 7 years old about with her parent very like our sport Trainer. This family can speak fluent Chinese.

The girl try our shaper again and again, isn’t willing to go around only play and want to take one back. We promise we will give her after fair today.

It is very pity that they don’t come back untill fair finished then we email to him if they are still in our china so that we can send to them. We want to be friends with you.

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Booth in Canton Fair (2010)

Our booth no in Canton Fair from April 15 to 19,2010 is 5.2J26, welcome to our booth to talk about more details about our products:  3sided toothbrush, electrical go duster, kitchen brush, toilet brush, body shapper and others.

Contact : Tom