Electrical Rotoing Duster with Spray

Electrical go duster to UK

One 20’ container roto duster have been finished, this customer from UK and have a lot of requirements: such as

1. color box and mail box both need,;
2. stick rating label on the mail box not printed;
3. Warning letters clearly printed onto the polybags;
4. Tape must be brown color;
5. H-Tape is secured all openings

The customer is very strict but it is good for factory, only this services and quality will be improved high and higher.

Note: maybe you said this duster is overtime, that is your products but our duster is very special from yours. Today another order is coming which require that including batteries and high strong speeds and only small, long heads with purple and blue color.

Good products have big market just like our duster!

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Why you should purchase our electrical spinning go duster?

Why you should purchase our electrical spinning go duster?

Go duster is very popular in all the world for years. There are varieties of dusters in the markets. But our duster is very different from others.

Most of factories cut the cost and have simple design only to make the cost drop down in order to meet the demands of importer and users, after all in the global crisis, we have little money in hands.

Our specials from others is our go duster can always make the motor in good conditions that is to say our motor always work no matter how strong resistance they meet.

MSN: maidigg@hotmail.com Mobile: 86+159 6808 2575