Best seller in Spain For our rechargeable three sides toothbrush

Best seller in Spain For our rechargeable three sides toothbrush Rechargeable Three sides toothbrush

At present the customer places an order of 20000set of electrical toothbrush each month regularly for 2 years. You can learn 3-sided toothbrush is very popular in Spain.

Why you aim to our triple toothbrush strongly? Because it has different character from others as follows:

1. Brush with three sides bristle longitudinal movement;

2. Cleaning inner, outer, upper and betweens of teeth at same time;

3. waterproof designs;

4. body slip;

5. includes 2 adults heads and 1 child head and 3 brushes support base;

6. Battery Rechargeable Ni-Mh battery

7. Charging light;

8. Suitable for wall mounting;

9. Dimensions: 167*32 mm

Especially brush three sides of your teeth one time, this is very important and many people regard this point as value to buy a toothbrush for themselves.

Cepillo dental recargable


• Cepillo con 3 caras de cerdas de movimiento longitudinal

• Resistentes al agua

• Cuerpo antideslizante

• Incluyen 3 cabezales y base soporte para 3 cepillos

• Incluye batería recargable Ni-MH

• Indicador luminoso de carga

Apto para montaje en pared

• Autonomía: 2 horas

• Dimensiones: 167 x 32 mm

Contact: QQ: 156 5865 982 MP: 86 159 6808 2575


Customer from Kuwait today visited our company in Ningbo.

We have contacted through QQ 156 5865 982 with all details about our electrical go duster. Because our price is higher than others SHE really want to know why it is?

After look through our factory, she is satisfied with  a smile.

We explain to her then she hold the handle of duster with right hand,  switch on  and another hand grasp the duster head, she can see that the duster still rotting, this is different from other simple design only aim to cheap not care for quality.

She absolutely understand and shake with hands.

One 40H container electric rotting duster have been placed in our office!

Contact: QQ: 156 5865 982            MP: 86 159 6808 2575