Give up Travelling to Putuo For Customer From India

This Friday and Saturday, Our company will travel to Putuo Mountain which is one of the Four Holy Buddhist Mountains with a lot glorious sceneries. Everyday in china very like it and travel one or more time.

But on wedesday, our new customers from India who doing business OPZS and OPZV battery container will visit our company during the time. He is on the exhition of storage battery in Beijing and get my email about cooperation in future will come to our company to discuss battery container : 2V, 12V OPZV, OPZS series face to face then back Beijing and Hongkong. I am some reluctant to but I am so glad that customer from beijing to our company only for our company then I give up travelling to Putuo and trust more opportunity to visit.

We pick up him on the airport 17:10 pm then arrive our company at 18.50 and discuss more details in our meeting room with our boss.

The customer is very carefully for each step: he ask more about our products and our company and Saturday morning he visit our workshop again with notebook to write down about the injection machine such as Type, mode etc

On night, we together have dinner in the restauant on the cruise and the customer live on it.
He is very satisfied with our products and services then we sign a trial order one 20 container of OPZS, OPZV 600AH battery box and lids each half.


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