Good relationship,Competitor as Friends

Good relationship,Competitor as Friends

Now we are trying to market our OPzS and OPzV Series battery Container, Jar,Lids or Box.

Several months ago, we went through the site and found the battery company N****, then email them our information about Jar in San and lid in FR V0. We have worked together and closed one order
of Battery Jar and Cover in ABS standard, OPzS each half, total one 40 H Container.

To my surprised, we get an email from S*** from same coutry some days ago, in which we saw our company has been recommended to S*** company. Herein we are very thanks for N*** that is our business
partner and our friend with good relationship. When we asked S*** why N*** recommended us to them after all, they both are competitior in this line. Their answer is we have a good relationship and we are
competitior and more friends.

The purchaser from S*** whose name Victory only 25 years old, but he have been working over 4 years at this company, first in finance dep then in importation. So cool guy, good relationship, good experience
then must good future.

S***company is also a big one which produce submarine battery, you know only 4 company around the world, can able to produce submarine battery.

Good man, Strong company, Nice relationship ,We trust we also be bigger in OPzS OPzV battery Line soon!


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