To complete Coffee Make, We go to buy Fanda Beverage

 Buy Fanda Beverage for Coffee Maker

We have signed contract for Coffee Buddy with our customers days.

Now we are designing color box and have finished several versions to 
meet customer's demands. All is ok just customer need tea kettle with
 Liquid to show capacity.

1. We try to check China Tea, Putting tea inside and 15 minutes later, 
the water always clear,. We feel not good color;

2. Black ink.  a little ink in water then in coffee maker, the water
 is too dark then add times water and taking out ink, there is not  
 good effect again.

3. In night, we have to go store market to choose some beverage with
 nice color. there we choose 10minutes and find Fanda drinks is perfect
 with good perference and without grains. then take pictures for 
confirmation, the customer feel it is very good.

Now we are trying to finish order of tea maker, because there are 
20,000sets of Slide N Tone and 1,000 sets of 2V 2500AH  Battery 
Container to be finished before the end of July, 2011

Tea Maker

Coffee Maker