Order of OPzS Battery Container Finished

Order from India Finished

Once order confirming, the delivery date is very urgently.

This order is from India, this is first time we work together, a new client who place OPzS 200AH, box 6 OPZS 300AH, BOX 6 OPZS 420AH, BOS 7 OPZS 490AH, BOX 8 OPZS 800AH and BOX 10 OPZS 1000AH,BOX 200AH and BOX 1000AH have bigger quantity, total full 40’ container. They need box, cover,and vent plug, rubber grommet and terminal indicator most of parts.

opzs box

We try to manufacture battery container and cove at the same time purchase rubber grommet and vent plugs, but by we have loaded all but rubber grommet don’t get it. We wait from morning to afternoon then evening, about 8 pm finally rubber grommet reach us we have to pick up from their factory by car.although we have placed with them for several days. All finished as per client’s demands.

cell boxes


Working Hard, Try to Meet Yours OPzS Needs

OPzS Battery Container Urgently Needs

Review this cooperation: we have sent PI to customer for days. But on the May 12, 2016 they suddenly want to get the OPZS boxes at the end of this month in their factory. Shipment day in the sea need 16days, even today we manufacture for them,it is very hard to meet their demands.aaeaaqaaaaaaaah-aaaajdc4m2nhztmzltizmwmtngnkni1imji5lwfmngrmnthkmgq2mw

Contacted with forwarder then customer several times then a fastest vessel and reach their factory on Jun 03. After that we stop other then make it first because they regularly purchase, we need to keep the delivery time for our loyal customer.

Sunday we loaded into 40’ container then ningbo seaport, today all procedures are finished but we just get their LC Copy then busy to make documents as per LC.

Working Hard, Try to Meet Yours!