Working Hard, Try to Meet Yours OPzS Needs

OPzS Battery Container Urgently Needs

Review this cooperation: we have sent PI to customer for days. But on the May 12, 2016 they suddenly want to get the OPZS boxes at the end of this month in their factory. Shipment day in the sea need 16days, even today we manufacture for them,it is very hard to meet their demands.aaeaaqaaaaaaaah-aaaajdc4m2nhztmzltizmwmtngnkni1imji5lwfmngrmnthkmgq2mw

Contacted with forwarder then customer several times then a fastest vessel and reach their factory on Jun 03. After that we stop other then make it first because they regularly purchase, we need to keep the delivery time for our loyal customer.

Sunday we loaded into 40’ container then ningbo seaport, today all procedures are finished but we just get their LC Copy then busy to make documents as per LC.

Working Hard, Try to Meet Yours!


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