New Outlook Stronger Power

As company plan and production capacity requirement, the company will be expanded to bigger and stronger both space and productive power.

Always in heavy orders most of time, to solve this matter and deliver on time or earlier, more 10 sets of injection plastic machine will be purchased soon the produce workshop also have more space.

New company will be appeared soon! Delivery time more shorter.


Rohs Test Machine XRF Spectrometer Arriving

New Test Machine XRF Spectrometer in the laboratory now.

We own this inspect machine, we can inspect our materials ABS, FR ABS or AS, PP etc, ten minutes later, we can learn if the materials can meet the demands of ROHS, and how many Cd, Pb, Hg, CrVL and PBBs.

Little time and little cost and immediate inspect.

By the way, this XRF Spectrometer can tell us if your necklace or ring is true or not. you can have a try, free charge. XRF Spectrometer