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Ningbo Care Me Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Add: Tuanjie Rd., Qiangjiao Town Ninghai County Ningbo China

Zip: 315612

Tel: 86+574+81515028

Fax: 86+574+65216003

MP: 86+159 6808 2575


Skype: maidigg

QQ: 474880910


Our Products: Triple Electric(Manual) Toothbrush, Electric Duster, Kitchen Assistant, Toilet Brush, Coffee Maker, Manual Sweeper, Emergency Torch, Mould and what you want from China. Hope prosperous business in next new year to you!

Contact Person:  Tom Fong


1 Comment

  1. Mr. Tom Fong,

    I absolutely like your Battery Operated Toilet Brush, it’s great. I’d like to submit an improvement that every household world-wide would really love. Your sales could substantially increase, double or triple or maybe even more.

    Please send me a “Patent Submission Form” from your Company so I can fill-out & submit.


    Agape HM

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