16 OPZS Cell Boxes are Ready to Deliver

After  7 days productions,  one 40 HQ container of  OPZS Battery Containers have been finished.

Today we have loaded into container  and deliver before busy May 01 which have long holiday

in China,there are a lot of goods need to export before holiday. Then we try our best to finish the

production earlier.

battery container loading

opzs shipments

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How to Assemble a Battery

Batteries are made of five basic components:

1. A container made of plastic: PP or ABS.
2. Positive and negative internal plates made of lead.
3. Separators made of porous synthetic material.
4. Electrolyte, a dilute solution of sulphuric acid and water better known as battery fluid.
5. Lead terminals, the connection point between the battery and whatever it powers.

The manufacturing process begins with the production of a plastic container and cover. Most automotive battery containers and their covers are made of polypropylene. For a typical 12-volt car battery, the case is divided into six sections, or cells, shaped somewhat like one row in an ice-cube tray. The cover will be sealed to the top of the container when the battery is finished.

The process continues with the making of grids or plates from lead or an alloy of lead and other metals. A battery must have positive and negative plates to conduct a charge.

Next, a mud-like paste mixture of lead oxide powder, sulphuric acid and water (plus a small amount of additives depending on whether the paste is for positive or negative plates) is applied to the grids.

Inside the battery, the pasted positive and negative plates must be separated to prevent short circuits. Separators are thin sheets of porous, insulating material used as spacers between the positive and negative plates. Fine pores in the separators allow electrical current to flow between the plates while preventing short circuits.

In the next step, a positive plate is paired with a negative plate and a separator. This unit is called an element, and there is one element per battery cell, or compartment in the container. Elements are dropped into the cells in the battery case. The cells are connected with a metal (usually lead) that conducts electricity. The terminals, or posts, (usually made of lead) are welded on.

The battery is then filled with electrolyte – or battery fluid – a mixture of sulphuric acid and water, and the cover is attached.

The final step is charging, or finishing. During this step, the battery terminals are connected to a source of electricity and the battery is charged for many hours. During this process the paste in the positive plate is converted to a different form of lead oxide and the paste in the negative plate is converted to spongy lead. When the battery is fully charged, the battery is cleaned, the labels are attached and it is packaged ready for transport.

Booming Markets for OPzV OPzS Battery Container

Booming Markets for Our OpzV OpzS Battery Container

We are mould company with ourself designer then have a lot of type products: Such as triple toothbrush, electric duster, kitchen brush,coffee maker, manual sweeper, slide N Tone and we plan to develop dustbin series, also battery container.

Before we try to market our finished products and don’t put more effort on battery container, just it is semi-manufactured products. Now we try to fox on it to India and Brail markets which is bigger and potential ones.

Herein there is an interesting story, we must thanks sales like you and me.

We send our promotion letter to sales mostly, perhaps many no answer. You are very disappointed. Most of time we are so. But this is time we are lucky that customer salesman Marc who are good man transfer my letter to their purchase department. Very thanks your sales again.

Purchasing Director advise their firm further information and a rogh estimation of annual battery container with lids:100,000sets. We comunicated each other and they decided a chance to co-operation. Now we send OPZS OPZV battery box to them for quality inspection.

We trust new order will be placed maybe tomorrow.

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