Your Life Will be Full of Spice with Our Coffee Maker!

Coffee maker is a simple tool for you to drink coffee or tea etc just like water cup maybe you offen used it at home or office. Now it is strongly sold in the world.

Tea Buddy

So far, we have black and white color and we can make new color, new box or new design for you as long as big quantity you place. Once you own this brewer up you own the best flavour in all your beverage.

With our brewer up cup, may your life is full of spice. Why not try again?

is it more funny with elegant logo!

Tea Maker

Tea Brewer

Tea Brewer

How to use the coffee maker?
1. Open brewer lid, add coffee, tea or beverage of your own preference according to your desired taste;
2. Add boil ling water to brewer, Stir and close lid and let brew 4–5 minutes then steep tea or coffee ;
3. Using your thumb, move lid button to left position to filter beverage to cup or mug from bottom of brewer and turn back to stop the flow;
4.Upon Completion, wash brewer and filter separately to store.

Coffee Maker

Note: 1. Long time, the filter should be detached and changed;
2. During usage, brewer should put on the base mat
3. Great for all material: coffee, tea, herbal remedy etc

Tea Maker